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Wine Wednesday

June 27, 2012

On Twitter, Wine Wednesday is a very popular hashtag. It’s fun to chat about what you’re drinking and post photos. It was started by a man named Eric (twesommelier) and has taken on a life of its own since then. It’s a great opportunity to share information about wine and to learn more about those on Twitter participating in the wine community.

In honour of Wine Wednesday, and as a break from my usual posts, I’m thinking about reviewing a different wine each week. I thought it might be a fun experiment as I search for the voice that Upkeep will have. My involvement in the wine community has been bringing a lot of happiness to my life as I learn more and more about such a broad and fascinating topic. I’m a big believer that a healthy life is one where you have balance, so that means finding something I love to counterbalance all the tough choices I make in trying to live a healthy life.

So each Wednesday starting next week I’ll try to post a review. I may not be drinking wine on Wednesday (I try to keep that to the weekend), but I can certainly write that night. I look forward to your feedback on this new feature!

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