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My passion for science and research has led me to a career in healthcare-focused communications. Below are links to some of my work in this area.

Diabetes Canada Podcast LogoThe Diabetes Canada Podcast

I host and produce the Diabetes Canada Podcast. Get updates on the latest diabetes research, hear stories from those living with the disease, and find out what you can do to make a difference.

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Actions on Diabetes Podcast Logo

Actions on Diabetes Podcast

Each episode of the Actions on Diabetes podcast includes a discussion between myself and a Diabetes Action Canada researcher and Patient Partner about a topic of interest in patient-oriented research.

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Man with lab gear looking at sample Commercializing Living Therapies with CCRM

I host and produced this podcast with CCRM. It’s a great deep-dive into topics related to the commercialization of cell and gene therapies, and a chance for me to help others learn about everything from the ethics of this field to how to support reimbursement of therapies that can be so expensive. Listen now!






OC Podcast LogoUnbreakable: The OC Podcast from Osteoporosis Canada

I host and produce this series of short interviews with osteoporosis experts. It has been fascinating to learn more about this chronic condition while speaking to scientists and health care providers, as well as those with lived experience. Listen now!





Poster for the From Beta Cells to Bicycles Podcast

Diabetes: From Beta Cells to Bicycles Podcast

I hosted and produced this podcast mini-series with the BC Diabetes Research Network. It highlights six of the researchers in their network and the ways they are supporting better health for everyone with diabetes in British Columbia and across the country.

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My Medium Blog

On Medium, you can find my personal musings on all things science, chronic illness and more.

Personal Journalism

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Introducing Dr. Minna Woo – BBDC’s New Director

Sara Nunes Vasconcelos, PhD – BBDC Member Profile

Calvin Ke, MD, PhD – BBDC Member Profile

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Shirley X. Y. Wu, PhD – BBDC Member Profile

Islet Biologists Work with Patient Partners on New Publication

New research project tests the use of technology to support those with diabetes distress

A profile of Dr. Gary Lewis

Islet Biologists Work with Patient Partners on New Publication

New research project tests the use of technology to support those with diabetes distress

A profile of Dr. Gary Lewis

Is hybrid closed loop right for you? 

Life inside the loop – DIY systems in type 1 diabetes

Program provides relevant support for older adults with diabetes

Moving Beyond Just Sex and Gender

Ensuring the Future of Patient-Oriented Research

New Algorithm Will Help Improve Health Care for People with Type 1 Diabetes

The Economic Burden of Inpatient Treatment of Foot Ulcers in People with Diabetes is Unacceptable

National Diabetes Repository a game changer for research

Experts Living with Diabetes at the Heart of Diabetes Action Canada Study

Discovery Grant Awardee: Dr. Gareth Lim

Education and foot care program helping seniors live healthier with diabetes

How the patient voice is transforming database research

Taking steps in the right direction to prevent diabetes-related amputation

Patient-Oriented Research in the Spotlight for Diabetes Awareness Month

New study from Diabetes Action Canada researcher highlights increase in diabetes-related amputation in Ontario

Canadians with diabetes deserve a life free of fear

Diabetes Action Canada Patient Partner Spotlight

Research Profile – Dr. John Schertzer

Research Profile – Dr. Jenny Bruin

Orbis Canada

Dr. Lesya Shuba brings brighter futures to children with glaucoma

Dr. Simon Holland – A lifetime of service

How an Orbis surgery transformed a future

Thirst for knowledge fuels Orbis volunteer

Stem Cell Research

Losing Patience: Ontario patients support stem cell research – now they need help navigating to real treatments

Unregulated stem cell treatments raise concerns

Regenerative Medicine: Moving closer to the clinic and commercialization

Research Profile – Dr. Gordon Keller

Research Profile – Dr. Bernard Thebaud

Research Profile – Dr. Marc Jeschke

Research Profile – Dr. Penney Gilbert

Research Profile – Dr. Maryam Faiz

Research Profile – Dr. Cindi Morshead

Research Profile – Dr. Michael Laflamme

Research Profile – Dr. Manoj Lalu

Research Profile – Dr. Phillip Karpowicz

Other Assorted Writing

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