More chocolate? What can I say? I couldn’t resist when Audrey from Tasty Tours Toronto invited me to come out and experience the Toronto Luxury Chocolate Show – especially when she mentioned that it would involve wine and chocolate pairings. 
The show, which is held at Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall, is a whole lot of fun. There’s lots of chocolate treats and some very fun activities, including a chocolate-eating contest.
But it’s Wine Wednesday – so let’s get to the wine!

When I arrived in the early afternoon the wine and chocolate pairing classes were already booked solid (they went super quick), but Jenn from Peller Estates was kind enough to provide me with a quick tasting in between classes so that I could fill my readers in on their great wine options.

First up was my personal favourite, the Ice Cuveè Rosè, which is a pretty pink sparkling mix of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc with a touch of Cabernet Franc Icewine and Vidal Icewine added in after 12 to 14 months.  This was a great bubbly that wasn’t overly carbonated with just the right amount of sweetness. I loved the strawberry hints on the nose.

The second wine was the Andrew Peller Signature Series Chardonnay ‘Sur Lie’ 2009. I was struck by the deceptively fruity nose on this medium to full-bodied Chardonnay, which is barrel fermented for 12 months in 100% French oak barrels. I expected it to be sweeter, but it’s actually quite dry. This would likely be a fantastic pairing wine – I’d love to enjoy a bottle with dinner (or some chocolate).

The third wine was the Private Reserve Merlot 2010, which is aged for 23 months in 70% American oak and 30% French oak barrels with full malolactic fermentation. It has great smoky flavours of black tea and spice. This red has great mouth feel.

We ended on a sweet note – as one should at a chocolate show – with the Cabernet Franc Icewine 2010. Jenn noted that this is a fantastic option for mixing into a martini or for after a meal. It’s an interesting ice wine because it’s not especially cloying – the acidity cuts the sweetness so that it doesn’t overpower. This is one I would definitely want to have again.

A big thanks to Jenn and Peller Estates for allowing me to sample their wines – I look forward to visiting their winery on my next trip to Niagara.

But that wasn’t the only wine action at the show. While there was no other wine to be sampled, there were plenty of chocolate options to pair, including Brix chocolate which bills itself as the chocolate for wine. It’s certainly got great flavours and I loved that it had pairing suggestions right on the label. Definitely something to consider for your next wine tasting, especially if you’re looking for an alternative for cheese (or something to have in addition to it).

The Toronto Luxury Chocolate Show had all sorts of interesting options – chocolate mustaches (perfect for Movember), chocolate tea (absolutely delicious) and chocolate spa treatments (they looked like a lot of fun). This is definitely a great show for chocolate lovers, although I caution that you should be prepared for lines and crowds – there are a lot of chocolate lovers in the city!

More photos from the show:

Lots of chocolate books were on display.

I didn’t try any of this coffee, but the chocolate tea from Herbal Infusions was amazing.

The chocolate eating contest was so much fun!

Amazing Movember ‘stache from Laura Slack.

Loved seeing these old school melts from Old Tyme Confections.

Nothing better than a chocolate shoe!

Loving chocolate skulls.

The Tasty Tours booth.

Thanks so much to Audrey at Tasty Tours Toronto and Toronto Luxury Chocolate Show for the media pass, as well as Peller Estates for the tasting.