On April 6th, I visited The Good Food and Drink Festival at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. I’d been to the show when it was held at The International Centre in Mississauga  a few years ago and hadn’t been hugely impressed, but I was willing to give it another shot – especially since I saw that Wine Align was now a sponsor.


And, in all fairness, it was much improved! While there weren’t a huge number of wineries involved, there were enough wine and spirits vendors to make it worthwhile for a drinks enthusiast. And there were some great food vendors – I was especially pleased to see a personal favourite, Fire inthe Kitchen, and to discover Evelyn’s Crackers. Delicious stuff!
A few of my favourite things – Good Food and Drink Festival edition:
I’ve been meaning to try the wines from Coyote’s Run for ages, so I was pleased to see them at the show. I tried the Five Mile White and quite enjoyed it. An interesting, light, dry, white wine blend. I’ll have to take a trip out to the winery to try even more.
I admit I was curious to try Dreaming Tree’s Crush red blend after seeing so many ads for it, but I wasn’t expecting much. Celebrity wines are notoriously hit and miss, but with Dave Matthews teaming up with acclaimed winemaker Steve Reeder there was definite potential. And it turned out to be a pleasant surprise – I really enjoyed this wine and will pick up a bottle soon, as I’d like to try it with food.
I enjoy a good cider now and then, so I was interested in checking out Pommies Dry Cider. What a great find! This was so crisp, fruity and refreshing. And it’s made in made in a wine style, which makes it even more interesting – I wanted to ask lots of questions, but this booth was understandably busy. This is a great option for the patio or cottage when a beer just isn’t what you’re looking for.
There’s lots of great food at this show, so here are a few of the highlights for me:
I’d never tried Evelyn’s Crackers, but I’m so glad I stopped by this booth. The crackers are divine. The Cheddar Crispies were my favourite (and I can’t wait to try them with wine), but I truly couldn’t stop eating any of the samples of these organic crackers, which are made with heritage grains
from Ontario. These are great for those trying to eat slow and local or just for those who want a delicious snack.
Fire in the Kitchen is one of my favourite vendors at any food or drinks show. Shawn and I stocked up on their delicious spice rubs and use them all the time – they add a huge hit of flavour to meat dishes and Shawn has had a great time experimenting with them. They are simply fabulous as a dry rub on chicken wings.
Did you visit this show this year? What were some of your favourite things?
For more information on The Good Food and Drink Festival: http://www.goodfoodanddrinkfestival.com/
More pictures from the Festival: