Recently, Shawn asked (in the nicest way possible) why I wasn’t working out. He was used to me going to the gym a few days a week and lately I’ve been running a few times a week too. But then last week I just… stopped. I didn’t run, I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t do P90X or my Trish Stratus Yoga DVD. I did nothing more than a few weights while watching TV one night. And even that was half-hearted. I’m not sure what was up, but I was just not up for it.

I will fully admit that when I’m on vacation I often take a fitness break. But I wasn’t on vacation last week – I just felt exhausted. Life had been very, very busy. And even though every part of me knew that not working out would make me feel worse – that I’d be more tired, more rundown and more lethargic – I still decided to take a pass. You couldn’t have paid me to run last week, even though I knew if I just put on my running shoes I would feel better.

So today I packed up my gym bag and I made myself go to the gym. I can’t say it was the best workout I’ve ever had, but at least I got a 2.5KM run on the treadmill in (and it was a good run – not stressful at all) and a 20 minute walk right after that (another 2KM). Tomorrow I’m going to a concert after work, but I plan to get right back onto the treadmill on Wednesday. It’s not the perfect workout plan, but it’s certainly better than the one I practiced last week!