After my recent I Hate Running Post, I got a lot of feedback. So many of my friends both in real life and on Twitter weighed in on the issues I’ve had while training for my fall 5Ks. Some were understanding – running is not for everyone – and others were supportive and offered encouragement. I also got some interesting advice about new things to try – things that I hadn’t already considered.

One of the greatest pieces of advice came from a reporter friend on Twitter who DM’d me after reading my post. She suggested that I try running uninterrupted in order to get into the zone. This is something that just hasn’t been possible on my current route through Cabbagetown – there are always people in the way, traffic to stop for and all sorts of things that put me off pace. Another friend suggested that I try again on the treadmill, setting my pace at a slower rate to compensate for my balance. So far, it’s working. I like running on the treadmill a lot more, as I’m able to run without any interruptions. It’s easier to get into the zone and I can listen to a podcast (hello, Tasting Room Radio) or watch some TV while I run. I’ve had several really good runs since my post and I’m looking forward to next week’s runs.

I know that running on the treadmill isn’t the same as running outside, though, and I worry that I won’t really be prepared for my upcoming races. But we’ll see. Maybe once I’ve got my stamina up on the treadmill I won’t have such a hard time running outside. And I’m going to look for places I can run without dealing with traffic, pedestrian or otherwise. The tracks near my house are all locked tight once school is out (downtown living, what can I say?), but I’m looking for a local trail. Fingers crossed, I’ll find one soon.

Thanks so much to everyone for their support. I may not keep running after these races, but at least I have a great cheering squad until I get there.