I first blogged about visiting Rosehall Run’s winery as part of my Prince Edward County post a few months back. We had arrived fairly early in the day and were treated to a truly exemplary tasting experience from the gentleman who served us. We thoroughly enjoyed our tasting and were thrilled with his willingness to explain all sorts of appropriate food pairings. There was also a wealth of local food stuffs available to purchase – locally made mustard, lavender vinegar and a number of other interesting products. All of which our host was happy to explain to us and to make suggestions in terms of how we could use them.

All of the wineries we have visited had good service, but this was a new level and it made me wish we’d gone earlier in our trip so I could have blown more of my wine budget there. Next time.

For the tasting, we were asked what sort of wine we liked (whites, off-dry, not too sweet, fruity) and what we didn’t (most reds because they give me headaches, very dry chardonnay, heavy or masculine flavours), then our host announced that I would probably like the Cuvée County Riesling best. But before I made up my mind, he wanted me to try a few different options. His choices were all excellent ones and he had me surprised that there were several wines I wouldn’t have been drawn to based on my usual tastes, but which when I sampled them were actually quite inspired.

But he had saved the Riesling for last and, he was right, it was an instant hit. Light, fresh and fruity it’s the type of wine that you’d want to sip on a sunny patio. It’s also a really good wine to pair with, as it’s so light and refreshing that it’s hard to make a mistake. We served it at a recent dinner party with chicken and pasta and it suited both well. I think it would be excellent with seafood too. I love that the fruit notes are so fresh – full of citrus and pear – and that it’s off-dry, a term that has become a safer bet for me as I explore new and different wines.

We will definitely be back to Rosehall Run. I want to try their Rosé and sample more of their delicious wines. I hear they are also doing wine chocolates these days and I wouldn’t want to miss out on that! I also think it’s important to support businesses like theirs – where there is good service, amazing local food items and a wine that’s worth going back for – Lynn and Dan Sullivan and their team have done a great job of creating somewhere we really want to visit over and over again.