At a recent Wine Align blogger event, we were discussing the
influence that wine labels have on purchases. I confessed that I’d chosen a
wine based on its label on more than one occasion. Sometimes, this is a fun way
to try something different and I’ve been pleasantly surprised a time or two
that the creativity spread from label to bottle. Other times, well, that cute
kitten cartoon didn’t really translate into a great wine experience.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I was intrigued when I heard about Pillitteri Estate’s new Pic’d White. The wine, a blend of Riesling (70%) and Gewurztraminer (30%), is a refreshing summer sipper. The nose shows nice minerality along with green apple, tropical fruit, grass, and citrus. The tropical fruit notes translate onto the palate, for a fruity finish.

But Pic’d has an even more interesting story, as each label features a photo or image ‘pic’d’ by the winery. Like Jones Soda, Pillitteri is inviting fans of their wines to send in photos to be featured right on the wine label. The photos are collected from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and email submissions and the first release of the wine features over 300 images that were submitted through these channels.

While the winery can’t promise that you’ll be able to find the bottle of wine featuring your pic, it’s certainly fun to think that a photo your submitted is sitting on someone’s dinner table right now as they enjoy a glass of Pic’d. Of the samples I received, I was impressed by how beautiful the images were and how inviting. These labels may be crowd-sourced, but they are certainly as eye-catching as the ones designed by a marketing company.

Interested in submitting? Visit Pillitteri’s site to read the submission instructions and rules:

Pic’d is available at the LCBO

* I received samples of Pic’d to try, but all opinions are my own.