We are very lucky in Toronto to have so many great wine bars – that they offer fabulous food is an even more amazing thing.

One of my personal favourites is GLAS Wine Bar in Leslieville. I like their focus on Ontario wine and that they offer a plentiful and delicious selection of vegetarian options. As a pseudo-vegetarian, I love that on Tuesday nights I can indulge in their well-priced vegetarian tasting menu. And for those who prefer a more carnivorous wine and food pairing experience, there’s plenty for you too.

Chef Danny Pantano has a knack for developing great flavours and for knowing exactly what to pair them with. His staff is knowledgeable too – always ready with a wine suggestion when you’re stumped. Or you can simply choose the option of the tasting menu with the restaurant’s pairings.

Below are some photos of my recent visit to check out their latest Tuesday vegetarian tasting menu. While I was a little sad that the lentil mac and cheese I’d fallen in love with from the winter menu isn’t on the current menu (it’s not really a summer dish), I wasn’t disappointed with a single bite I had that night.

For more information on GLAS Wine Bar, visit: http://glaswinebar.com/

GLAS is very small, so reservations are highly recommended.