Last night I attended a very fun event – the HAPA Alliance Toronto boat cruise. I was invited by my wonderful friend Christine, from Christine’s Fitness. I agreed to attend to live-Tweet for Christine and to take photos as we cruised along Lake Ontario with some of Toronto’s best holistic practitioners.

It was a great time. The weather wasn’t perfect, but it was sunny for stretches and we were able to mix and mingle with all sorts of interesting people. I met homeopaths, holistic estheticians, holistic dentists, healers, medicinal plant experts and many other fascinating individuals. It was great to discuss with them how physical fitness and nutrition play a huge role in overall health.

I’m certainly hoping to have the opportunity to attend more HAPA events – possibly ones involving a lecture or presentation by one of the many interesting individuals in attendance. There was so much to learn and only a few hours to spend on the boat, so I look forward to other opportunities in the future.

Have you used a holistic medical practitioner? What was your experience?