Friday, October 26th was Global Champagne Day. Such a fun idea! And it was celebrated in full spirit on Twitter, as the #champagneday hashtag filled up my feed. I wasn’t able to indulge, as I was running the Toronto Women’s 5K the following day, but I was certainly enjoying it vicariously. And I did celebrate the next day with one of the mini-bottles of pink Henkell.

One of the things I’d most like to learn about is champagne. I know that Henkell isn’t exactly ‘the good stuff’, but they have mini-bottles, which is perfect for me. Shawn doesn’t often want to split a bottle of champagne, so that gives me an option if I’d just like a glass. It’s also perfect for mimosas.

But I feel like I’m missing out. I hear people extoll the virtues of really good champagne and I think how much I’d like to try that. Without a partner in bubbly crime, however, that seems more than a little overly indulgent.

Our anniversary bubbles

With an anniversary on the horizon, though, I might be able to convince Shawn to give it a go. For our one-year wedding anniversary a few years ago I invested in some mid-priced pink bubbles from Vintages, so with the anniversary of the day we re-met five years ago coming up perhaps the time is right to try again. I only wish I could remember what we’d gotten back then. This was before I was smart enough to photograph the bottles.

So what do you recommend? What’s your favourite champagne? Have you tried any bubbly that blew your mind? I’d love to hear about it.