I was lucky enough to have Edward Finstein as my first wine instructor. He taught me a lot about wine and how to taste like a pro – he also told the greatest wine travel stories I’ve ever heard – his class was a fabulous blend of entertaining and informative and I couldn’t get enough. I also enjoyed his book – Ask the Wine Doctor: All the Questions You had About Wine, but were too Busy Sipping to Ask.

This is written in Q&A style, which is a nice change from the textbooks I’ve been reading lately. It’s also eminently readable and entertaining. You’ll find lots of wine info for newbies and enough interesting tips, tricks and tidbits to keep more seasoned wine lovers interested. Edward’s irreverent style is on display throughout the book, which makes for a really engaging read. I only wish there were some of his fascinating wine travel stories in this book, but I’m told I’ll have to wait for a future book chronicling his adventures.

I’m happy to have added this one to my ever-growing wine book collection.

Of note, Edward recently released a new novel, Pinot Envy, which is a wine-splattered mystery set in Napa. I look forward to reading it.

You can visit Edward’s site here to learn even more about The Wine Doctor: http://www.winedoctor.ca/