In less than a week I’ll be running my first 5K. I won’t lie to you – I’m nowhere near ready. I had plenty of time to train, but I faced a few issues:

1. I hate running. Really.

2. This summer was insanely, over-the-top hot and running in humidity is not easy – especially when, you know, you’re not a big fan of running.

3. I hurt my knee. A lot of people warned me that this might happen, but when it actually did I was still a bit shocked. I considered just giving up and not doing the race after that, but it’s been getting a lot better (despite the fact that I slipped and fell down the stairs at the cottage last week) and I think I can manage.

4. I didn’t train enough. See above points as to why this happened.

So the chances of me making my goal of completing the race in 30 minutes or under (which all of my running friends had assured me was reasonable given the amount of training time I had) are slim and none, but my cousin and I have decided to just take it slow and steady.  I won’t be fast, but at least I’m still doing it.

And I have been training, despite all the issues. I’ve just been doing it on the treadmill (I know, not the same as running outside, I totally get that) and I am not progressing as quickly as I’d hoped. But I’m doing it. I’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other and we’ll see what happens.